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We offer training for all horses, all disciplines.

I specialize in putting on the foundation training. Foundation training is very important, regardless of the discipline you practice, from trail riding to riding in the Olympics.

What is foundation training? Foundation is communication, and a series of exercises, done on the ground first, that teaches the horse the give to pressure, suppleness and collection. All exercise are done to achieve full control of each body part. As a rider, this will make it easier to ride a horse that has been taught to give, the speed can be controlled by controlling the hindquarter; the steering gets easier by controlling the shoulders, and the tip of the ear, controls the head elevation.

The most important part of foundation training, is the control of the horses' emotions. A horse that is right “brained” reacts to anything, by blowing up, it is the reaction side of the horse. With the proper foundation training applied the correct way, it will help the horse and rider not to react, but rather to use the thinking part of the brain, the left side of the brain.

Our goal, is to teach horse and rider to achieve a better communication. Horse training is pretty simple, but requires a lot of “wet blanket” and concentrated training. This will give the horse and rider total communication, and trail riding or any other discipline becomes a joy and not a fight.

Horse starting $400 per month + boarding
Foundation training $250 per month + boarding
Trailer Loading $200
Correct Leading $350

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Training Collage